Iron DJ “Candy” Sets by Rebel Foster vs Harley Beretta

On October 24th, 2018 DJ’s Harley Beretta and Rebel Foster kicked off the Head to Head Battle Series for Iron DJ 2018 at The Barbary.

Each DJ had 30 minutes to prepare a 30 minute set based on the a random topic chosen at the start of the battle. This match’s theme was CANDY in honor of Halloween.

Both sets are together in a playlist on haveboard’s mixcloud or check the embeds below:

Shout out to DJ Adub & Wassup Gina for putting on such a great battle that’s always entertaining!

Congratulations to Rebel Foster for taking the W in this battle and advancing to the next round! Both of these DJ’s had great sets and are some of Philly’s hottest up and coming DJ’s right now who have been hustlin’ and putting in a ton of work all over the area!

And don’t forget, DJ Harley Beretta is raising money for here trip to L.A. for the DJ City #LadiesLinkUp which you can help support her by purchasing a Harley Beretta “Get the Strap” Hoodie from #thisDJLIFE! She has reached her goal for the flight and now needs some extra loot for a room and a little walkin’ money while she’s out there.

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